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Established in the UK since 1986 and online for 15 years

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Star Trader - One of the UK's longest-established online resources for Gerry Anderson, cult tv and movie memorabilia

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Star Trek Fact File Issues 1 - 50


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1970 Thunderbirds/Captain Scarlet Annual


The only (96-page) hardback to combine "Thunderbirds" and "Captain Scarlet" for 1970. By now the annuals were splendidly illustrated with photographs and this example is is a very fine one indeed. All pages are clean and fully attached, apart from minor writing in ink on Page 3. The spine is complete and practically unmarfked, as are the front and rear covers. Price corner is unclipped. It really is one of the best examples we've seen for an awful long time !
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Issue Eleven


The original Gerry Anderson fan magazine ! Featuring: Barry Gray tribute; Mike Reccia profile; "Terrahawks" short story; "Joe 90" Jet Car blueprint; Fireball XL5 modelling; Derek Meddings interview; "AC21" movie and "Thunderbirds" episode guide. A first printing edition offered at original cover price
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Doctor Who Magazine Issue 85


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Issue Thirteen


"Stingray" Encyclopaedia; Martin Bower modelling; Gerry Anderson annuals and book list; Gerry Anderson chronology; "Terrahawks" episode guide; "The Secret Service" biographies; Derek Meddings interview
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Andersonic Issue Fourteen


A superb 40-page A5-size fanzine from Richard Farrell and Vincent Law in black and white but now sporting colour covers ! Articles include:

Robert Easton interview - an interview with the late Stingray voice artiste (Phones, X-20) in which he discusses his time working on the series, working with Don Mason and Peter Lorre, and his views on Stingray after over 40 years.

Terry Adlam interview - Special effects assistant on Terrahawks & Space Police and creator of Dick Spanner, Terry discusses his time working on Gerry Anderson's 80s series... oh, and some modest productions by a bloke called George Lucas.

UFO/ The Patriot a look at this unfilmed UFO script with recollections and comments from writer Leo Eaton. A UFO crashes in the middle of a civil war in an African country and Straker must recover the alien pilot before his existence is revealed to the world...

Keith Miles - short Q&A with the writer of Space:1999's 'All That Glisters' episode.

Manual Control! - a look at the genesis of the new Thunderbirds Haynes Manual.

Killed In Supermarionation - with all those guns and missiles on show, was violence handled appropriately in Century 21's puppet series? We're not so sure...

Space:1999/The Testament of Arkadia - was it the best ending the series never had? A review of the final episode of Space: 1999's epic first series.

UFO/ Mindbender - one of UFO's most memorable episodes reviewed, with a detour into the twilight zone for Ed Straker.

Thunderbirds/ Cry Wolf - two writers dissect a classic Thunderbirds episode - one in favour, one not.

The A-Z of Joe 90 - final part

... and more
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Andersonic Issue Eight


A superb new 40-page A5-size fanzine from Richard Farrell and Vincent Law in black and white but now sporting colour covers ! Articles include a fascinating look at the Century 21 models and where they ended up in other film and TV productions, "The Metamorph" retrospective, "Stingray" overview, "Joe 90", "Space: 1999" and "UFO" episode reviews and a sensational Mike "Fireball XL5" Noble interview
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Vol.2 #3


40 pages (four in full colour) including a major article on the second season of "Space: 1999" plus the infrequently featured "The Girl From U.N.C.L.E." and Britain's very own "Public Eye"
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Thunderbirds novel untrimmed cover


A quirky find from Titan Books' reissue of the first John Theydon "Thunderbirds" novel - uncut covers ! Perfectly flat and from the presses prior to the actual books being bound, trimmed and finished.
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Exhibition Greetings Cards


Pair of black and white greetings cards produced exclusively for 1970s Blackpool exhibition. Inside has Eagle landing photo !
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