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Established in the UK since 1986 and online for 15 years

Welcome To Star Trader ! Welcome To Star Trader !
Star Trader is one of the United Kingdom's longest-established online resources for cult television memorabilia [especially from Gerry Anderson's legendary productions], movies, comics and other collectibles.

Please take a look at our range of merchandise and possibilities in the sidebar to the left in order to get an idea of what we have to offer !

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332, Lytham Road, South Shore, Blackpool, Lancashire, FY4 1DW, United Kingdom


Telephone: UK - 01253 348321 Overseas - 44-1253-348321

FAX: 01253 407813 Overseas - 44-1253-40781
Welcome To Thunderbooks ! Welcome To Thunderbooks !
If ever you come to the seaside resort of Blackpool, Lancashire, why not call at our retail shop - Thunderbooks at 332, Lytham Road, FY4 1DW. At the moment we are open two days a week - Wednesday and Saturday 10am through to 5pm - if in doubt telephone 01253 348321 to double check !


We have weekly deliveries of import American comics, thousands of back issues, plus toys, construction kits, books, magazines, videos and DVDs.
Fleetway 1990s comics available once more Fleetway 1990s comics available once more
Fleetway in the UK following the BBC Thunderbirds[ revival produced a series of very popular weekly and monthly comics. As well as superb new stories and artwork many featured reprint material from the classic TV21. This is what we have got..

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Exciting new Thunderbirds stories from the USA Exciting new Thunderbirds stories from the USA
Limited availabilty now for the American Thunderbirds novels. We have stock of them all just right now....

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Latest Latest "Andersonic" available
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Irwin Allen comes to Star Trader ! Irwin Allen comes to Star Trader !
We have some great DVD box sets at super prices for the 1960s TV series produced by Irwin Allen...Voyage to the Land of the Lost Time Tunnel Click here or the image for details and ordering
"Space: 1999" graphic novel is here !
Just arrived from the USA is the stunning new graphic novel based on Space: 1999 ! Click here or the image for details and ordering
Fifth Fifth "TV21" graphic novel published
The fifth of Chris Bentley's stunning "TV21" graphic novels [in hardback only for now] is currently available entitled "Menace From Space"".Click here or the image for details and ordering

Star Trader - One of the UK's longest-established online resources for Gerry Anderson, cult tv and movie memorabilia

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Best Sellers

Andersonic Issue Eleven


A superb new 44-page A5-size fanzine from Richard Farrell and Vincent Law in black and white but now sporting colour covers !

Articles include:-

Starcruiser 'Run Robot Run' - we examine a recently unearthed script for the Anderson TV series that never was; The Anderson Collecting Gene - What fans collect and why they do it; Space 1999/ Force of Life - Ian McShane catches a chill as Moonbase Alpha revisits Quatermass; Interster - A look at the South African puppet series influenced by Century 21; UFO /Flight Path - 'Er Indoors gets a shooter in the boat race... An early episode examined; Ghosts in the Machine - SHADO, the CIA and other Fictions. Looking at information, misinformation and close encounters; Lunarville Lip - Captain Scarlet's loose trilogy of moon-based episodes discussed; Could You Fly a Thunderbird - Take our psychometric test and find out... and more !

Not so much a technical tome, more a personal critique of each subject matter written in a highly entertaining (and humourous) style. Recommended !

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Vol.2 #3


40 pages (four in full colour) including a major article on the second season of "Space: 1999" plus the infrequently featured "The Girl From U.N.C.L.E." and Britain's very own "Public Eye"
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Vol.1 #12


40 pages (four in full colour) including articles on "The Saint", "Sapphire and Steel", "The Man From UNCLE""Minder" and the man described as "King of The Cult TV Theme Composers", Edwin Astley. Please note: this edition has the incorrect issue number printed on the front cover
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Vol.1 #3


36 pages (two in full colour) including articles on "Blake's 7" (with episode guide), "Charmed" (also with episode guide), the new and old "Randall and Hopkirk" (interviews with Charlie Higson, Vic and Bob, Annette Andre and Emilia Fox) and the TV "Batman", including an Adam West interview.
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Vol.1 #2


36 pages (six in full colour) including articles on "Department S" by way of lengthy feature and Peter (Jason King) Wyngarde interview. "Xena: Warrior Princess", "Buffy: The Vampire Slayer" are also featured as is an item on Elstree Studio.
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Journey To The Far Side of The Sun [flipped]


This is a copy of the movie which, when broadcast in the UK during [we think] the late 1980s some bright spark decided to "flip" the film's image at a point just under one hour into the film. Legend has it they thought there had been some sort of error in a previous preparation of the print and they were correcting this ! The effect, of course, is to completely change the focus of the plotline...the image was "flipped" right the way through until the end credits which were obviously "flipped" again so they could be read !

This copy has been home-transferred to disc from an off-air Betamax copy and, whilst it is perfectly watchable, it must be said that there are quite a few 'drop-out' lines across the picture which are more prevalent towards the beginning. They are not so obvious later on and, in fact, you tend to get used to them anyway. The audio quality is quite acceptable.

To complete the package the disc comes in a DVD case sporting a copy of the American release of some years ago [as illustrated]. All-in-all a quirky addition to the regular and official release
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