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Vol.2 #3 Vol.2 #3 Ref: MGACT015
40 pages (four in full colour) including a major article on the second season of "Space: 1999" plus the infrequently featured "The Girl From U.N.C.L.E." and Britain's very own "Public Eye"

Price: 3.95

Vol.1 #12 Vol.1 #12 Ref: MGACT012
40 pages (four in full colour) including articles on "The Saint", "Sapphire and Steel", "The Man From UNCLE""Minder" and the man described as "King of The Cult TV Theme Composers", Edwin Astley. Please note: this edition has the incorrect issue number printed on the front cover

Price: 3.50

Vol.1 #3 Vol.1 #3 Ref: MGACT003
36 pages (two in full colour) including articles on "Blake's 7" (with episode guide), "Charmed" (also with episode guide), the new and old "Randall and Hopkirk" (interviews with Charlie Higson, Vic and Bob, Annette Andre and Emilia Fox) and the TV "Batman", including an Adam West interview.

Price: 3.00

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