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In 1981 life-long Gerry Anderson fan David Nightingale received a telephone call he could hardly imagine was real - the great film and television producer wanted to meet HIM ! Luckily David was living in Blackpool, some say the United Kingdom's premiere seaside holiday resort, and in the town happened to be Gerry's "Space City" exhibition of model and props from his various screen productions to date. He had a problem - the exhibition needed to be moved from its current location to one on the world famous Pleasure Beach and Gerry needed someone local to keep an eye on what was happening.

It so happened that at the time David was trying to get off the ground a Gerry Anderson fan magazine and had been in touch with the Manager of the complex where the Anderson exhibition was then sited. It was he who recommended the local man to Gerry Anderson when discussions about the move got underway.

So it came to pass, as it were, the ehibition got moved and the magazine was launched - "Superamrionation is Go!", or "Si.G" for short. Back issues are still available here. Not long afterwards David formed his Engale Marketing trading company woith wife Yvonne and soon found himself publishing a companion magazine which looked more broadly at British telefantasy - "TimeScreen". Again, some back issues can still be found here.

One of the iconic boy's comics in the UK during the 1960s was "TV21", based around the Gerry Anderson TV series of the time. In the late 1980s David found himself in the position of being able to republish some of the material from the legendary comic by way of "Action 21", surviving copies from the archive can be found here. By this time "S.i.G." had ceased and it was thought a combination of this type of publication and the artwork action from "Action 21" would prove irresistable so hence came along "Century 21" - some copies are still around here.

In 1986 Yvonne and David moved into the world of high street retailing with a Blackpool shop called "Thunderbooks" and who else to call upon to do the opening ceremony - Gerry Anderson, of course ! In 1988 a second shop followed in nearby Preston called, not surprisingly, "Thunderbooks II" with Gerry again on hand to do the honours. This store later changed its name to "Star Trader" but passed into alternative ownership at the end of 2006.

The Blackpool shop moved to its current location in 1987 and flourishes to this day with weekly imports of American comics, graphic novels, books, DVDs, toys, model kits and collectables.

After some years away from publishing [which also saw the creation of calendars, postcards, posters, sew-on patches etc.] David took over the reins of "Action TV" [back issues here] but this involvement ceased during 2008.

A mail order operation has always been key to the Star Trader business plan. In the early days a paper catalogue was produced and thousands distributed...but it was always out of date as soon as a one-off or rare item was sold. So when the marvellous internet came along it became a hugely valuable tool with its ability for constant updating and change.

We hope you enjoy a browse at what we have to offer

Star Trader - One of the UK's longest-established online resources for Gerry Anderson, cult tv and movie memorabilia

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Konami Promotional card


Produced by Konami to promote their range of generic Gerry Anderson toys, this 188mm x 65mm full colour photographic card comprises in the form of a non-adhesive 'shelf wobbler' promotes vehicles from "Joe 90", "Supercar", "Stingray" and "Space: 1999"
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Issue 1


The first Fleetway 1993 edition includes superb Graham Bleathman SPV centrespread cutaway and includes the free Captain Scarlet mini-frisbee gift !
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Captain Scarlet/UFO Japanese Laser Disc postcard


Full colour [on one side] Japanese 100mm x 150mm promotional postcard [on glossy paper] for the laserdisc releases to both Gerry Anderson series. The rear in a single colour is a postcard design with Japanese wording
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Captain Scarlet/UFO Japanese Laser Disc flyer


Full colour [on one side] Japanese 182mm x 256mm promotional flyer for the laserdisc releases to both Gerry Anderson series. The rear in a single colour refers also to "Thunderbirds" [illustrated] and "The Prisoner" [not illustrated]
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Exhibition Greetings Cards


Pair of black and white greetings cards produced exclusively for 1970s Blackpool exhibition. Inside has Eagle landing photo !
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